Planning to create a cozy, comfortable and functional world in a house, apartment or office, you cannot deal with it without the help of our design studio INCH specialists. We have the most amazing ideas for fashionable and creative interiors, which we realize for courage smart customers. Support at all the stages allows you to offer a whole range of interior design services.

What do we offer?

Interior design for us is a whole story, telling about the inner world of the customer and emphasizing his personality. We get down the work of any complexity, as we know, that any time-consuming process invariably leads to the desired result.

The experience of our designers is enough for taking into account all the necessary details (including the smallest details), your requirements and wishes, the features of the size and geometry of the room and so on.  As a result, you get much more than you have expected, because the rooms are filled not only with furniture and decor, but with sense, you can even say it gets philosophy and own soul.

For apartments

Many years’ experience of work at the local market has taught us not only to offer innovative ideas that have already caught on to European and Western apartment owners, but also to listen to the requirements and wishes of our citizens. Often, planning to change something in a small or standard apartment, you know which zones and decor elements you want to see in it, but still hesitate how to combine them conveniently.

At the moment, we can make a design from the first steps for any size apartments and / or for individual living quarters. Our staff are very familiar with all the sought-after interior styles and are able to combine them, creating real masterpieces of eclecticism.

For houses

An own house or a townhouse is a place where the most daring and diverse ideas can be realized. What stylistically impossible to use in apartments can be implemented in the rooms of the house.

Today our customers entirely rely on the opinions of specialists, as our design studio has established itself as a reliable and creative organization. Keeping the idea of the identity of the private house, we skillfully combine aesthetics with functionality, beauty with practicality and a sense of style with originality.

For offices

The world of modern business is ruthless and does not tolerate half measures and conventions. Not surprisingly, the opinion about the organization is often based on the appearance of the office. Knowing this, enterprising managers order from us the creation of exclusive and unique interiors, following the criteria of solidity and modernity.

Our specialists take into account not only the dimensions of the room, but also the directions of work, requirements for colors and, of course, lay the necessary functionality for each place (taking into account generally accepted norms).

Public interiors

In addition to residential and working interiors, we are pleased to offer you the development of a layout design for premises of various purposes:

  • cafes, bars and restaurants;
  • beauty salons and SPA; 
  • hostels and hotels;
  • fitness centers and gyms;
  • pre-school educational institutions;
  • a wide variety of outlets;
  • show rooms, etc.

If you did not find a suitable variant for you in the list, it does not mean that our specialists will not cope with the speech delivered. We are ready to discuss any applications and proposals which are optimal in terms of functionality and cost options.

Our projects

To evaluate the quality, creativity, beauty and originality of our ideas, we suggest you to familiarize with examples of previously completed projects.