Design and architecture are always a reflection of the lifestyle and needs of society. This can be seen in many ways - in interiors, subject design, architecture, fashion and even in food. Danish style - stands out among others simplicity and elegance, it does not have luxury and excesses, unlike the Italian or French style, but this did not prevent it from taking its rightful place in world architecture and design. Therefore, many pieces of furniture, lighting and decor became modern classics.

Here is a fine line between minimalism and at the same time coziness and convenience. In the interior there must be candles, warm blankets, sheepskins, natural fabrics. Particular attention is paid to small things, due to this, the atmosphere of "Hyuge" is achieved, which makes it possible to feel safe and secure, the expression "my house is my fortress" fits perfectly.

The basic principles of creating a Danish style are to strive to emphasize the properties of materials and preserve their natural beauty.

A special place in the design is a combination of colors and textures, they are taken from the northern landscape outside the windows and skilfully transferred to the interior. The color palette is based on deep and complex shades of natural materials - wood, stone, water and sky.

As for architecture, it combines old and new, natural and modern materials and constructions, functionality and beauty competently. All this fits perfectly into the existing landscape.

In general, the design and architecture of Denmark with a human face :)