Nowadays the art of building reaches the top skill. But, using even the best materials will not make the house cozy without proper attention to designing the appearance and layout of the building. In this case, our services in architecture will be necessary for those who appreciate the comfort, beauty, originality and exclusivity of ideas.

What do we offer?

Our design studio INCH has been engaged in the design of a wide variety of buildings (including building complexes) for many years. It allows us to offer you the best options in a wide variety of styles.

Project support from A to Z

Our experts gained essential experience in the implementation of all their design ideas thanks to the support of projects from the moment of discussion and sketches up to the delivery of the finished constructed building. We easily find a common language not only with customers, implementing their ideas and listening to the requirements and wishes, but also with the construction teams responsible for different stages of erection and finishing. We are ready to supervise all the construction stages, and control compliance with the approved design version.

Beauty and functionality

None, not even the best quality 3D layout can guarantee the functionality and spatial efficiency of the final result. Based on our experience, we develop and offer only real projects which will be both beautiful and comfortable.

We achieve the most rational solutions, completely delving into the essence of your requirements and wishes, as well as offering optimal binding options. As a result, you get your dream home, but not beautiful abstract-design projects which are hardly possible to realize.

We follow the rules, standards and requirements

We use all knowledge gained and accumulated experience, seriously approaching each order. During the design process, our architects take into account the requirements, as well as follow all the necessary rules for buildings (a house or a small and simple landscaping).

In the design projects all necessary parameters for the location of individual objects are taken into account, as well as requirements for the organization of space.

We offer an option for a given budget

Knowing that future landlords can be limited in the funds allocated for the construction of the house, or want to meet the budget, we always take this into account in the design. By sending us an application or discussing the details of the future architectural design, you can ask us to suggest an option that will not go beyond your budget.

You can be sure that we will not save money, putting in the future budget excessively cheap or low-quality materials. We just carefully approach the questions of the optimal combination of price / quality and are ready to offer you the best solutions in every price category.

Work on the final result

The best compliment for us is satisfied customers who have become happy homeowners. That is why we are not indifferent to the fate of each of our projects. Our goal is to create architectural solutions that will be exactly implemented. And that's why we always reasons all our proposals and decisions, and also, based on experience, we advise our clients on all related issues.

You can be sure that the final result will be above all your expectations. And this is exactly what we are working for.

Our projects

We suggest you to look through the examples of our projects that have already been completed.